About Contrary Creek Ranch

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Contrary Creek Ranch is a 2,800 acre bow hunting only ranch.  Our singular goal is to maximize available natural resources while also preserving a genuine bowhunting experience.  Located in the Edwards Plateau region of the Texas Hill Country, Contrary Creek Ranch is uniquely located in an area with a very high Whitetail deer population.  By responsibly managing both the Whitetail deer population and natural range conditions, Contrary Creek Ranch is positioned to support an evolving deer herd well into the future.

Considering the diverse geography of our immediate region, Contrary Creek Ranch is well suited to be a bow hunting ranch. We feel that our values and long term goals best align with those of the bow hunting community. Contrary Creek Ranch understands that hunting is inherently wild and aims to keep it that way. By offering affordable bow hunting, the ranch is able to provide an exceptional experience, without over-impacting wildlife.

The goal of our management practice is to make as much natural nutrition available as possible, while controlling the size of our local whitetail herd, which among other things directly translates to whitetail doe management.  Like all Texas Hill Country wildlife species, whitetail deer have suffered from the unchecked growth of the invasive Juniper Cedar.  Overtime, we plan to responsibly remove as much Juniper Cedar as possible, while leaving enough intact for wildlife and hunting cover.

Contrary Creek Ranch is proudly owned and managed by the Lewis family, currently in its 5th generation of same family ownership.  Because of this, the utmost care is given to the range and wildlife to insure that the ranch’s quality will continually improve well into the future.


Dinga is our tracking dog and is a Catahoula rescue.